``Our core values are at the heart of our business and are based on a collaborative, people and client focused approach. We deliver our services to the highest standards in an ethical manner that ensures compliance, respect, agility and accountability”.

All Oradeo operations throughout Europe are carried out to the highest possible standards of compliance in our industry, offering our customers and all our workers a “best-in-class” service at all times.

Throughout Europe, Oradeo is embracing the “Economic Employer Concept” for all our workers and clients. All temporary workers provided by us, are employed directly by Oradeo on a local employment contract in line with the relevant collective agreement, with all our workers enjoying the same social benefits as a local employee.

We do not utilise the A1 system of posted workers and we believe this method of employment is 100% sustainable, fully compliant and socially responsible.

This forward thinking approach of Oradeo means that our clients can rest assured that their risk is minimised and all their legal obligations are discharged by Oradeo.

All our temporary workers directly sourced by Oradeo, in our various sourcing hubs throughout the EU.
Oradeo directly employs all workers seconded to our clients.
Full compliance with relevant Collective Agreements in the host country.
All our temporary workers employed on local contracts of employment in full compliance with host country employment and fiscal rules.
Provision of high quality local logistics for all our temporary workers, ensuring a happy and productive worker and in turn a happy client.
Numerous industry memberships and accreditations achieved and maintained to ensure we can provide the “best-in-class” service we strive.

We have achieved and maintain several memberships and certifications across multiple European jurisdictions, and our business model is open, transparent and compliant, and is subject to independent certification and re-certification with regards employment standards, wages, tax compliance and worker welfare, and have no doubt in the benefits this affords all our customers and our employees.

What Our Clients Say