Our Service

We aim to provide full turn-key solutions, collaborating closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met, and we strive to provide a best in class service with our comprehensive recruitment process. Our service is based on a six step process:



STEP 1: Analysis of Our Clients’ Needs.
In order to provide our clients with a high-quality labour solutions service, it is imperative that we get an understanding of their labour requirements. This includes:
• A definition of the job, in particular the labour needed to complete it.
• A visit to the site of the assignment in order to get an understanding of the environment (safety, hygiene …), if possible.
• The expectations and needs of the client.

STEP 2: Project Proposal
Based on an assessment of the project and the client’s prerequisites, Oradeo will make a complete, turn-key, bespoke proposal to the client integrating the overall cost of recruitment and logistical costs. Oradeo can provide an open range of HR solutions to give our clients flexibility in selecting their labour outsourcing solution

STEP 3: Sourcing and Recruiting Candidates
Our significant labour supply pool is sourced from our European recruitment offices. Oradeo have an extensive pool of professional, skilled and semi-skilled candidates available to our clients. Oradeo completes skill matching, competency profiling and onsite testing (where necessary) to ensure we have the right people for the job. If desired, we can send the list of candidates pre-selected for prior validation by the clients.

STEP 4: Logistical and ground arrangements services
The Oradeo service also includes the management of the logistical costs involved, particularly:
• Transportation of work force to and from the mission
• Accommodation in close proximity to the employment location
• Strengthened human support on the ground (administrations, banking, localised information and integration )

STEP 5: Continuous Productivity Management
To ensure that the project runs smoothly, Oradeo provides local service support, workforce supervision and productivity management. Oradeo can also provide a comprehensive productivity and lean manufacturing six sigma to the business process , if necessary.

STEP 6: Monitoring Progress
Through the duration of the project, Oradeo will remain in regular contact with the client and the workforce. This will allow for the client to give us feedback on the progress of the project and our workforce. The objective of this feedback is to ensure:
• the client is satisfied with the number/type of workers we have provided
• the quality of the behaviour of our employees
• Implementation of corrective action if it is necessary
• Productivity and output monitoring

The labour solutions we offer to service you human resource requirement can be applied in the fields of the Civil Engineering & Building, Mechanical & Electrical, Industrial Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Warehousing and Logistics sectors. Oradeo also provide professional recruitment services on a permanent basis for both white-collar professionals and blue collar trade workers.