Centrica pull out of future nuclear projects in the UK

BBC News – Véronique Guillermard – 04/02/13
Bristish Gas owners, Centrica, will not be involved in new nuclear projects in the UK. Centrica were offered a 20% stake in the four new reactors being built in the UK by the French state-owned utility, EDF. The nuclear plants proposed by EDF, will be the first of their kind to be built in the UK since 1995. However, Centrica have said that the costs involved in new nuclear projects today are too high, and the projects have become more time consuming.

With Centrica unwilling to part-take in the project, EDF are likely to have to look elsewhere for backers. Last month, EDF announced that would start discussions with CGNPC, a Chinese state-owned nuclear company, regarding a potential partnership. Read More