EDF Energy will cut approx 150 jobs to get costs under control at Hinkley

TheGuardian.co.uk – 23/04/13
It is believed that EDF Energy will be cutting approximately 150 jobs, from the 800-strong workforce, at the site of the new power plant in an attempt to reduce cost at Hinkley Point in Somerset. EDF have already spent an estimated £800m on development of the site, and suffered a major set back when Centrica pulled out of being their junior partner on the £14bn project. EDF are also still in talks with the ministers of the British government over the level of the public subsidy for the reactors. A spokeswoman for EDF has insisted that the company is in no way trying to “hold a gun to the government’s head”, and said that these cost saving measures are aimed a refocusing activities at the site. Read More