Oradeo AS becomes an Approved “RA” member of NHO

Oradeo Compliance

The Management of Oradeo are pleased to announce that it has recently been accredited with “RA” approval from the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO Service) in Norway.

Oradeo AS, the Norwegian entity of the Oradeo Group has been a member of the NHO since 2013 and continuing with our tradition of compliance, we successfully completed the “RA” approval process in 2016 and became a Revised Employer.

From January 1st 2017, it is mandatory for all staffing agencies who are members of the NHO to undergo the Revidert Arbeidsgiver (RA) or “Revised Employer” audit scheme.

A Revised Employer is a staffing company who has been subjected to a stringent external audit on its professionalism as an employer and compliance with the obligations under the Working Environment Act. The following topics are audited;

  • employment contracts
  • assessment of risk factors
  • responsibilities for HSE
  • working hours
  • overtime pay
  • wages
  • sick pay and long-term sickness
  • termination of contracts
  • employment protection

On award of this accreditation, the Director of the NHO noted:

“We hereby want to congratulate Oradeo AS in being approved as a Revised Employer. This means that you are being advised that you meet the requirements for procedures and practices as an employer stipulated in the main document for the scheme.”

Being a Revised Employer gives a stamp of quality for staffing companies operating in Norway and signifies to potential clients that this company understands and implements full compliance with Norwegian employment laws.

To read more information on the RA process please follow the link below: