Infrastructure & construction in Sweden

Sweden’s construction and infrastructure sector is booming. Between now and 2030, the country will spend €64 billion on railways, roads and other major projects and build 700,000 new homes and offices. The largest investment programme in Swedish history creates exciting opportunities for contractors in Europe and beyond.

The investment programme – which is already fully financed – will propel an already-strong transport system into the second half of the 21st century and meet the housing needs of a growing population. For international suppliers operating in the rail, roads and construction sectors, this is a unique opportunity to expand into a dynamic market. Opportunities exist at all stages of construction development, including planning, consultancy and building.





Projects will focus on commuting and freight routes and include new high-speed rail lines, metro expansions and road improvements. Road programmes include a new route for the E4 motorway past Stockholm. With a budgeted construction cost of €3.1 billion, the link will feature one of the longest road tunnels in the world.

Historic opportunity for contractors

International expertise is required to reach the government’s goals. Foreign sources of innovation and productivity can also add significant value to Swedish infrastructure tenders.

The budgets are set, the projects are planned: all that’s needed is outside expertise. The time could not be better for international contractors looking to join upcoming Swedish and Scandinavian projects and position themselves for additional ventures in the future.




Build with us!

Swedish construction firms are at the cutting edge of innovative building technologies, working closely with research institutes to develop new materials and products. This creates great potential for foreign contractors to collaborate with global leaders to improve their offerings.

Finding a Swedish partner can also make the process easier for foreign firms, which in turn can offer their Swedish counterpart a unique edge in the bidding phase. Regulatory frameworks are straightforward and transparent. Starting a company is easy.

Source: Boverket, Trafikverket, Svensk Byggindustri, NewSec