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Protecting you and your information.

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Internet Security has never been more in the mind of the public. It’s 2017, we all communicate by email, we shop online, we talk to friends, we are all reliant on the internet. Each time you use the internet, send an email, fill out an online form, you’re submitting information digitally across the internet. You may, or may not be aware that data sent to the internet is not unlike radio waves, broadcast from your local station, waiting for someone to pick them up and listen in. So, How do we protect ourselves from this threat? Thankfully, the internet already does it for us in the form of SSL.


What is SSL, and how does it work?

Let’s start with the basics: SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

SSL is the standard implementation for establishing a secure and encrypted link between two points on the internet — say your computer and a web site you shop on regularly.

SSL is also the basis for secure HTTP or HTTPS — it is basically a website transported via a protocol that goes through a secure, encrypted connection.

Too much jargon? Let’s simplify it, with some analogies;

Suppose you wish to open an account in a bank, you head into town, you queue and finally you see a teller. You explain that you want to open an account, but they doesn’t know you, so they are not willing to do it. So what do you do? One option is for the bank to call the authorities, since they may have your identification. But, that is slow and doesn’t always work.

So, instead, you show your passport and proof of address, this serves to authenticate your identity, allowing the teller to proceed to open an account for you.


Similarly, the same scenario happens when you are accessing a secure website. Your client seeks authentication and identification from the web server, which it presents through its SSL certificate. The website cannot simply say “I am ORADEO” — it needs a trusted certificate provider to establish this identity. This actually takes the form of an SSL handshake, which is a back-and-forth communication to establish a connection and identification before the web browser actually requests the needed information.



Thats all fine, but what does it mean for me?

SSL/HTTPS and that ‘padlock’ mean that each part of the page you are viewing, are secure, they are confirmed as being from the proper source.

What difference does it make?

Without the items on a webpage being secure, a hacker could use many nefarious techniques to infiltrate the website and consequently, your system, therefore gaining access to your data. Think Bank Cards, Home Address, Contact Number, Private Information.

Social Engineering is a form of hacking whereby a hacker uses some information they know about you, e.g.your middle name, your pets name, your maiden name, to attain access to resources held dear to you. Think – How many times have you used your Mothers maiden name as a security question for accounts or other information?



Our website www.oradeo.com uses SSL to secure your information, meaning you can browse any page on our site, including our jobs page safe in the knowledge that you and your information is secure. And since you may be applying for a job listed here and consequently sending us your information, that security is something we take very seriously.