Exciting Bridge Projects in Telemark for 2019

Having now been approved zoning in Porsgrunn and Bamble municipalities stretch E18 Kjørholt-Rugtvedt can it can be boot again Grenlandsbru already in 2019. New Roads send the contest for the stretch E18 Kjørholt-Rugtvedt out in the market within a few weeks. The project on this 3.5 km long stretch includes completion of E18 Kjørholt and Bamble tunnels and construction of new Grenlandsbru.

“This is an exciting bridging project, which we hope is of great interest. If everything goes as we can, we can sign contract with the contractor in the second half of 2019 and then quickly get started with the work. The acquisition will be based on the Best Value Procurement method, which we have good experience with, says Magne Ramlo, Project Director in the New Road for the E18 Development Area from Langangen to Grimstad.

The new Grenland bridge is one of the largest bridges New roads to build. It is about 600 m long and has a 60 m sailing height. The new bridge is to be built as a sloping roof similar to the one currently there. The E18 Kjørholt-Rugtvedt project is mainly a utility contract and does not include blasting or mass evacuation.

The project with the construction of new Grenlandsbru and completion of the E18 Kjørholt and Bamble tunnels is part of the E18 Langangen-Rugtvedt line. In order to keep pace with the E18 development through Telemark, both municipalities have considered it desirable to take the construction of new Grenlandsbru out of the rest of the regulation plan proposal. We have had good cooperation with Porsgrunn and Bamble municipalities for neither the municipalities nor Nyeveier wishes unnecessary delays in the development, “says Ramlo.

It was in March 2018 that Nye Veier sent the draft plan for the entire E18 Langangen-Rugtvedt to Porsgrunn and Bamble municipalities. The plan proposal is for further administrative and political treatment in the municipalities. There have been objections to parts of the plan proposal, which means that processing of the rest of the plan proposal may take some time.

31 August 2018 reopened New roads E18 Kjørholt and Bamble tunnels. This project consisted of rehabilitation of existing tunnels and blasting of new parallel tunnel races. The completion of this project is essential for New roads to proceed with the completion of the tunnels on either side of Grenlandsbridge while building new parallel bridges to the existing one.

Source: https://www.nyeveier.no/nyheter-fra-prosjektomr%C3%A5dene/nyheter/e18-soeroest/spennende-bruprosjekt-i-telemark-med-oppstart-2019