Fixed Fehmarnbelt Crossing: New Action Plan strengthens Danish-German Cooperation

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link offers great economic opportunities for the regions of Seeland and Schleswig-Holstein. A plan of action should now strengthen Danish-German cooperation in order to make the most of these opportunities. 

Regional Council Chairman Heino Knudsen and the Schleswig-Holstein Minister President Daniel Günther signed a new action plan last week to strengthen cooperation between Seeland and the northern German state.

Regional exchange

The cooperation is designed to ensure that not only the big cities like Hamburg and Copenhagen benefit from the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, Heino Knudsen said: “The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link is a game changer for development in the Seeland and Schleswig-Holstein region. The construction itself creates many opportunities for local businesses. Of course we have to take advantage of that. But the link can also ensure growth and development in the long term if we actively engage with it regionally and locally. With the Action Plan, we now have something concrete that will contribute to growth and development in the Zealand region. “

Much work on the German side

Since 2013, cooperation between the two regions has been regulated by contract. This contract will now be renewed with the action plan for 2019 and 2020. Now it is important that the project is also approved on the German side, so that the construction of the immersed tunnel can be started: “Schleswig-Holstein is committed to the plan approval for the Fehmarn project as soon as possible. Minister President Günther assured me that this would be the case soon, “said Knudsen.

Facts about the action plan

  • Border commuter office from 2020: Advice on regulations and employment opportunities for cross-border commuters
  • EU support: The regions of Seeland and Schleswig-Holstein, together with the region of Southern Denmark, want to ensure close coordination and cooperation until the forthcoming Interreg 6 program. Concrete 2019 and 2020 Interreg projects will be developed and implemented, which will drive development throughout the Fehmarnbelt region.
  • Fehmarnbelt Days 2020: Local actors from both sides of the border are to be involved in the event, which will take place in the district of Ostholstein.
  • Fehmarnbelt partnership: to be established in 2020. Parties from both sides of the border work together to ensure a common direction and to coordinate investments that can unlock the development potential of the Fehmarnbelt link.
  • New Treaty: Adoption of a new cooperation agreement between the Region of Zealand and Schleswig-Holstein in the framework of the elaboration of the action plan 2021-2022.