Danish investment in 3D printing for construction


A 3D Printed Construction Partnership is being funded as part of Denmark’s Business Authority’s Green Conversion Fund, and will bring together five businesses from various sectors to develop Denmark’s first construction 3D printer prototype and to explore how 3D printing buildings could reduce CO2 emissions and material waste, while improving overall productivity and recycling initiatives.

Under the one-year project 3D Printhuset, NCC Construction Danmark and NCC Recycling (NCC Roads), Force Technology and Gips Recycling Danmark will “promote understanding and the development of opportunities in 3D printed construction in Denmark,” with the aim of boosting the country’s construction industry by as much as 1 billion kr (over £100m).

In addition to the economic benefits, the project offers sustainable solutions for the construction industry – with the technology having the potential to utilise recycled building materials currently not utilised in traditional construction methods. It is claimed that 3d printing in construction will also reduce waste, as only the materials needed are used, while it is expected automated machines will increase productivity and resource efficiency across the board.

The project will run until December 31st, 2017.