Ten building engineering jobs for each graduate

DIT estimate that there are now 10 jobs to every single graduate and building engineers are the most sought after by employers this year.

irishjobs.is has more than 100 building engineer jobs up for grabs, Oradeo, a specialist construction recruitment agency have over 25 current roles.

Building engineers roles can vary, but in essence, they must ensure that the buildings systems, i.e. Heating, Ventilation, Air-Con, Refrigeration, Water Supply, Fire Protection, Lighting and Data communications work in an energy efficient manner.

Ciara Ahern, Head of Building Engineering at Dublin’s DIT claims that Building Engineering is at ‘the vanguard of a new engineering revolution’ that is key to meeting global climate change targets.

Ms Ahern encourages women to consider construction engineering as a real option as a profession. Many of Ireland’s main engineering construction contractors have gotten behind a campaign as CAO applicants are set to close in February.

For a list of Construction Engineering roles available with Top Engineering Construction contractors across Europe, Visit Oradeo’s Jobs page by clicking here